How to Never Do the Laundry Again!

“This is my first post in a series to provide laundry room design ideas and knowledge for designers and consumers.

As inventor of DryAway (laundry drying racks) I’ve done a lot of design work around the laundry room beyond my drying racks. My college degree in Industrial Engineering drives my thoughts to always start with function and flow of the process. Yet my goal is to end up with a beautiful space that is super-efficient. Inventing DryAway was a product of solving a problem for myself and then realizing that many people share my same problem. In the posts ahead, I’ll cover many topics in the laundry room in small bites. I hope you enjoy and please add to the conversation.

Today’s comic is a classic occurrence in many homes across the country (if not the world). There is some stereotyping going on here as I pick on the man. However, estimates are that 85% of the wash is done by the woman of the house in the United States. Women generally have more delicate clothes or specific washing instructions than men’s clothes.

While there are many ways to wash clothes, and likely lots of debates about what the right methods are, clothes need to be washed with like fabrics, proper soap, water temperature and wash cycle. Many people don’t realize that the soap used for cotton clothes doesn’t work when trying to get the stink out of your microfiber workout clothes. I’m a runner, biker, hockey player, golfer etc…. and have experienced this firsthand. Microfiber tends to promote bacteria growth that clings to the fiber leaving a permanent stink! New technology has some microfiber clothes chemically treated to resist the bacteria but ultimately using the right detergent made with the right emulsifiers releases and removes these bacteria from the fiber. My personal choice has been WIN detergent for my workout clothes and of course I hang dry my workout clothes on DryAway to avoid heat damage.”

– Jim Lutz

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