FAQ - DryAway
Introducing DryAway, the revolutionary way to dry your clothes! Out of sight and out of the way, DryAway’s patented design saves you money while protecting the environment and your clothes!
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Call us at 855-379-2929 for any other questions!

The dimensions of my closet are a bit off from what you have listed. Is there a way to work around that?

Yes, some projects are customizable. Contact us and we will figure it out!

If clothes are pushed in to dry is mold or mildew a problem?

No, the spacing between frames is set to allow evaporation to occur without creating mold or mildew.

Do the clothes take longer to dry pushed in?

No, they dry at the same speed as if they were hanging somewhere else in the room. Based on the humidity level of the room.

Can the depths of the frames be changed?

No, because the slider mechanism only comes in one size.

Do you need a fan or a drain installed with the product?

No, clothes shouldn’t be dripping when coming out of the wash and the gaps between each frame are large enough to allow air flow.

How much weight can the frames hold?

It can support your heaviest clothes – winter sweaters, jeans, blankets etc.

DryAway does not provide cabinets. See the installation tab to design your cabinet.

DryAway does not provide cabinets. See the installation tab to design your cabinet.

Who takes care of the installation?

DryAway does not provide installations. Either your cabinet company or yourself will be able to install.