Who’s a Good Dog? Marco is! 

A local family wanted to update their mudroom to house Marco (featured pup) plus they wanted an additional laundry room area for the family. Using different design elements we turned a ho-hum mudroom into a stellar, multifunctional space incorporating these design elements:

-New cabinetry layout and design
-New hardware and compact appliances
-Better lighting

On the family’s mudroom renovation wish list: 

-A DryAway unit!
-Cabinet Storage
-A space for Marco and his kennel
-Shoe storage
-Place for outerwear to be accessed quickly
-Miele laundry units

With a designer, local cabinet shop and our own in house engineer, owner and Inventor, Jim Lutz, the team transformed our client’s stagnant room to a more efficient space for their home.
Keeping the window free and clear helps natural light illuminate the space while using additional overhead fixtures at night to balance the room.   Plus, Marco finally has a comfy new kennel space for when he wants to retreat and our friends have a neat & functional room which makes everyone very content.

When doing a space revamp ask yourself these questions:
What is the purpose of this space? What will my family and I need or want to truly make the space useful and valuable for everyone?

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