Happy National Hang Dry Your Clothes Day

Just getting you warmed up for Earth Day tomorrow. Imagine if for one day, everyone in the United States hang dried their clothes instead of using the dryer. How much energy and money could be saved?

333,000,000 US Population ÷ 2.51 Persons/Household

132,669,323 Households in US x 7.4 Loads wash/week/household ÷ 7 Days/week x 0.9 90% of clothes go into dryers

126,225,384 Loads of wash into dryer/day in US x 5 Kilowatt-hour – Avg dryer energy consumption x .75 45 minutes/hour Avg dry time/load

473,345,190 Kilowatt-hour – Total Energy Saved x $0.12 Avg cost/Kilowatt-hour

$56,801,422 Total $ saved hang drying clothes

Can you think of a better use of $57 million?

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