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Did you know…

  • The Average family in the US does 400 loads of wash a year. Based on this usage an Electric Dryer costs $160/year and a Gas Dryer $80/year to operate.
  • The Dryer is the second highest consumer of energy of appliances in the home behind the refrigerator.
  • In the US 85% of the wash is done by the woman of the house.
  • Heat damages the wicking ability of micro-fiber apparel and locks in odors.
  • In the US alone Gas and Electric Dryers cause more than 12,000 residential fires annually.
  • Although many people believe that using outdoor clothes lines are another efficient way to dry clothing, this method actually fades colors, deteriorates materials, and collects dirt and pollen from the outdoors.
  • The bamboo that is used to make DryAway frames is very sustainable and can grow up to 3 feet in one day. Bamboo resists warping and twisting while being aesthetically appealing.